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Don't be shy my dear. If you're unsure, just answer as best as you can. I will look at your answers and clarify any issues when we meet.

This form is for prospective slaves/subs and paying clients.


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N/A for what does not apply
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Completely and return. (Use the form below My questionnaire to send in the questions and answers):

Are you seeking to be or curious about:  please specify:
Pet M/F:
Domestic/House man:
Whipping boy/Sin eater(house pain slut): Note: Experienced Players / Masochist only, no newbies
Bound Servant of the House(Chatelain/switch only position.
House Maid:
Personal Room Body/Bath slave: experienced chastity slave/sub only
NEW CLIENT: ( experienced/ Not-experienced)
Date/Time/Duration you are requesting an audience:
How often do you wish to visit with Me?
Name and last initial:

Best time to contact you?
Physical Description:
Are you employed? how long ?
Marital Status:
If Married or Committed: Does your loved one know?
Sexual Orientation:
Medical Concerns/Physical:
Phobias/Abuse Issues/Major fears (super hard limits)
Do you have any of the following? If so, explain
Heart Trouble :
High Blood Pressure:
Knee or back problems:
Recent car accidents:
Asthma/Breathing Problems:
Circulation Issues:
Any Pains:
Are you under the care of a therapist?( Mental or Physical):
Can you be marked?
If so, for how long?
Which attire do you prefer to see Me, adorned in ?
Patent Leather
PVC/Vinyl pants/dresses/skirts
Business attire/suits
Corsets/waist cinches
Cat suits
Hosiery ? What kind?
Cuban heel/seamed
Sheer black
Nude pantyhose
Black Knee-high
Bare legs/none
Shoes ? What kind?
Thigh-high boots
Knee-high boots
High-heeled pumps (closed toe)
Peep-toe pumps or sandals (open toe)
Platform heels
Gloves? What Kind?
Latex (opera length)
Satin (opera length)
Bare arms/none
In regard to My Demeanor during the session:
Spoiled/Never satisfied
What best describes your reason for visiting Me?
Suffering to please your Goddess:

Amuse Her (with disregard to my desires):
Exorcism of guilt:
Other(please describe):
What would best describe the scenario you are seeking?
School teacher/naughty boy/girl
Female pimp/man-whore
Blackmailer/financial slave
Humiliatrix/small penis man
Mommy/Little boy/girl or teen
Other (please describe)
How long have you been involved in BDSM activities?
Do you have any other skills outside slavery or currency that you can offer Me?
How will you please your Goddess other than Her required tribute,admiration,and gifts?
Do you have references from other Dommes (local, national or international)? If yes please list.
May I contact them for references?
Are you involved in any Fetish/BDSM organizations? If so, which?
ACTIVITIES I AM INTERESTED IN: (please choose all that apply)
1. Bondage:
Leather, Rope, Bondage tape,
Light, Inescapable, Extended, Mummification
2. Corporal Punishment:
Flogging, Whipping, Strapping, Spanking, Caning, Hairbrush
3. Genital Torture:
Whipping, Chastity, Kicking/Kneeing, Trampling,
Weights, Chastity, Hot wax, tight bondage, manual squeezing/vise,
slapping, CBT OR CVT(Clitoral & Vulva torture)
Ball and Cunt Busting,
4. Foot Worship:
Stocking/Pantyhose, Shoe/Boot/Heel, Bare Feet
Method: Boot-lick, Toe Kisser, Masseuse, Foot stool, Rug
5. Humiliation:
Method/Type:(please describe)
6. Domestic Service Training (must be available with 2-8 hours notice):
Chauffeur,Foot slave,Dungeon Slut (forced-bi fantasy) ECT...
7. Shaving (yes, no or choose):Genital area,Body
8. Puppy Training (yes or no):
Caging,dog food eating, leash training,costuming, verbal command training.
9. Pony Training Human horse) (yes or no):
Show pony,Cart pony, riding pony
10. Financial slave/Pay-pig/Blackmail(Optional): Y/N
11. Key-Holding? Y/N :Long or Short duration training
GUYS: CB-3000/6000/The Curve.......
LADIES: Chasity Belts
12. Fitness Domination?: Y/N
13.What are your HARD AND SOFT LIMITS:
(Don't tell you don't have any... even I have limits.)
I LOVE to entertain My Guests...
Are you comfortable being in a session/scene/show/party, with others?:
(I may use Masks to hide your identity).
Dominant Females
Dominant males
Submissive Females
Submissive males
(Confidentiality is of supreme importance to Your Goddess).
NOTE LIE TO ME AND BE DISMISSED!!  Consider carefully before you send.
All information held in the strictest of confidence.
By sending this form you understand that there is no Sexual Intercourse and you are paying for companion services ONLY! 

 The more information you can give me the better to understand you. and your desires.

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Domination is not prostitution!

Our services do not include anything illegal. Asking for anything that is not legal will result in your being shown the door.

Services we do not provide

We do not provide toilet training, scat play or any exchange of bodily fluids. Do not embarrass yourself by asking.