About The Matriarch

Thank you for coming to OUR site to visit me! I hope you enjoy your time here! All the information you will need to book a session with Me and/or Goddess Cteel is on the various pages of this site, make sure you read it. ALL OF IT!

  • Have you ever thought about the freedom you can discover when you hand yourself over to the total control of somebody else?
  • The relaxations you encounter when you give up struggling and let yourself go - submitting to a higher order?
  • My order!
  • Imagine my eyes fixing you while you kneel and receive my duties, hearing the description of what will happen to you - when you do as told and if you don't…

My spectrum is broad* and my means skillful and I use them to get you where I want to have you.

For your benefit and certainly for Mine

If there is something that is not covered contact Us by using Our quick and easy Contact Page and we shall see to your issue or request.

I am "naturally" a Dominant Woman, My personality is one that will have you feeling as if we have known one another for years but in a moment remind you of your place, directly beneath my sturdy size 11 boots. Time with Me can be one filled with lighthearted fun or, if I deem fit and feel necessary, then The Matriarch will have you scrubbing toilets, doing mundane tasks and other humiliating chores. Duty and your Obedience dictates this.

Trust and understanding of limits and mindset is something that cannot be taught or read about in a book. It is something that experience gives. It is something that not ALL understand.

I have taken all that I have learned over the years and turned into My own style of Domination. One you will not find anywhere else, one that will have you begging to be let into my world again and again.

When contacting Me be prepared to share some about you, your likes, dislikes, fetishes and more. The more Open and Honest you are with Me the better time we will BOTH have. Anything you say to Me is held in the strictest confidence. I am very discreet and your privacy is my utmost importance. Our facility provides absolute discretion, first and foremost.

I find My pleasure in rendering you completely powerless and at My mercy. Under My care you will always be safe, but that does not mean, I will be easy on you.


 "How would I describe your style of domination?" My reply is "My style and Me are a lot like My beloved Sterling Silver Roses, beautiful to look at but watch out!! I will prick the HELL out of you!

Being a Georgia native. My upbringing dictates and Common sense Dictates:

Manners go a very long way with me. "Yes Matriarch" and" No Matriarch" Is "The RULE.

I am very much "The Real Thing". I am not play-acting, I AM The Matriarch.

While I am experienced I do not necessarily require you to be. Do not be afraid to contact Me! I hear from many a beginner:  "This is my first time" and "When I told her I was new she hung up!."

 I actually enjoy those who are brand new. They make for some of the most fun sessions. Do not be shy or worried. I will gladly give you a minute of my time to chat and answer a few questions. Just remember my time is precious and not to be wasted. I will gladly take a polite phone call or email, but I absolutely WILL NOT spend all My time on the phone fulfilling your fantasies and talking dirty. Do not call Me to ask a simple question and then try to keep Me on the phone while you rudely pleasure yourself!

If you contact me by phone and I can't answer LEAVE A MESSAGE!! I will return your call and I will be discreet. I do not know what number you are calling Me from. I would never put someone at risk of their fetish or kink being discovered by someone that doesn't need to know. It is respectful and required that you leave a message when contacting me if I am unable to answer. Do not forget this! Breaking this rule is a sure way to get your number blocked your emails ignored!

BDSM to me is therapeutic for My Precious ones   and for Me as well… I know that there is a stigma with Dominatrices, being sexual but I assure you :

NO SEX TAKES PLANCE IN ANY OF MY SESSIONS AND IT NEVER WILL." So don't even go there! I thank you!

More often than not when someone comes to see Me it is because his or her partner is not into "kink" at all or just does not want to become interested. Sometimes they have permission to come, sometimes they don't. After coming to see Me they start to understand what this outlet does to relieve their stress and make them happier as a person. I help to bring those emotions they are having in the session with Me to words and give an outlet to express them. I have quite a few who now come to Me with notes from, their partners about their misdeeds, which we will correct in their session!

Many of my clients lead lives where they are in high stress or management positions and take on a lot of responsibility, coming to see Me helps, and they can relinquish that control and remove stress.

It is NOT something to be ashamed of your "manhood" is not in question at all. It is an act of submission from someone who commands it from you. (Besides it is hard to say "no" when you are strapped to a spanking bench!)

How to address The Matriarch:

I dislike the term "Mistress" because in common vernacular it means "the other woman." I prefer to be addressed as Matriarch in My dungeon space, or Miss in a "vanilla" setting.

I expect proper manners, such as "yes Ma'am" or "excuse me, Ma'am" No Ma'am "Please "and "Thank you "at all times.

My Solemn Pledge to you:

While I cannot guarantee you will absolutely have the best time of your life in a session however:

  • I can promise that I will do whatever in my power to make sure that W/we BOTH have an enjoyable time and a fun lively experience.
  • I will never divulge personal information to anyone.
  • I will guard your privacy
  • Everything we do will be consensual
  • Everything we do will be "sane"… to an extent.
  • Safety and Cleanness is of the utmost importance to Me
  • I will at ALL times care for you and your well-being
  • I will never ask you do something that will interfere with "other" priorities

YES I am drug and disease free and but no sex is offered or implied. I do not appreciate time wasters or those trolling for sexual favors, they are more than welcome to pass Me by.

Only AFTER reading my site in its ENTIRETY may you submit an application for session or contact. This is your first instruction from me… DO NOT MESS THIS UP!!

My Sessions include:

Key-holding, Race Play, Trample, Foot Worship, Shoe & Boot Worship, Slapping, Kicking, Chasity belts, Domination, Verbal Humiliation, Role play, Tease/Denial, Pain, Cage Play, Domestic Servitude, Belly Punching, Whipping, Over the knee Spanking, Discipline/Punishment, C.B.T., Sissification/Dress up/Feminization, Prison Incarceration, Interrogation, Kidnapping, Bondage, Heels and Stockings, Medical Play, Needles, Staples, Floggings, Paddling, Caning (Standard and English), Spanking Benches, Dilation Training, Strap on play.

I am happy to be served by:

  • Worthy slaves
  • Newbies
  • T-Gurls
  • Sissies
  • Pets (the human ones)
  • CDs

You Will be FORCED.

Into Humiliating things.

Domination is not prostitution!

My services do not include anything illegal. Asking for anything that is not legal will result in your being shown the door.

Services I do not provide

Adult baby, scat, body worship above the knee, face sitting without clothing on, urine, enemas, toilet training, diaper training or any exchange of bodily fluids. Do not embarrass yourself by asking.